Dual Team

February 14 @ Jamesburg


50 Hunter Supernowicz

55 Alex Kahana

60 Thomas Cox

65 Justin Butler

70 Dominic Marino

75 Trevor Young

80 Chace Mulherin


90 Nick Rex

95 Noah Smith

100 Julian Carlino

105 Deakon Haines

115 Danica Haines


135 Samantha Domask


HWT Ian Smith


What is a dual meet? A dual meet is a head-to-head match against another team. The wrestlers match up by weight, and each match result counts toward the overall team score. This is different from the Grapevine league matches. In a dual meet, our best wrestler at each of the weights below, goes against another team’s best wrestler. It’s an exciting format. Note that in a dual meet, wrestlers are matched up by weight only. There can be big differences in skill and some difference in age.


How does a wrestler earn a spot on the dual team? Your wrestler makes the dual team by wrestling-off/challenging another wrestler for a certain weight class. Any competitive match, including in a tournament, counts as a wrestle-off. Your wrestler may challenge for a spot on the dual team this week by letting the coaches know. Wrestlers who lose can re-challenge at the end of January. As the dual meet coach, I also will do our best to make our team competitive, so that may involve moving wrestlers around the line-up at my discretion. Note that I will not throw one of our wrestlers, especially a really inexperienced one, out on the mat against a really tough, older opponent.


What are the weight classes? Here are the weight classes for the dual team: 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 105, 115, 125, 135/, 145, HWT. Sometimes there are a few exhibition matches, but that’s based on the other team; I’ll let people know individually if there are extra matches one night.


When do dual matches take place? We will have six dual matches. The first one is Friday, January 5 at home. We’ll let you know about each match as it approaches.


Weigh-ins. Unlike our Grapevine matches, each dual meet includes a weigh-in before the match. All wrestlers must make weight. However, I do not want to encourage our wrestlers to “cut weight,” especially younger kids. There are some situations in which an older wrestler may need to drop a few pounds to make, say, 135. But I don’t want a 55-pound kid skipping lunch in school: It's bad for the wrestlers and it's bad for the sport.

All wrestlers and fans are welcome at our dual meets. Wrestlers who attend might as well bring their uniform and shoes – you never know when a match-up may arise.


Please contact me with any questions,

Coach Stan